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Amazing Blonde Highlights

Amazing Blonde Highlights and living in Singapore, some girls will tell you it just can’t be done! But rest assured, there is one highly experienced salon in blonde hair colouring. The secret of Expat Hair Studio is definitely a secret no more.

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Blondes are known for having the most fun, and with all of the amazing trends in blonde highlighting, it’s hard not to say it’s true. So if you are fed up with having to settle for a miserable shade of coppery gold, we have a colourist for you.


From picking the right shade of blonde to recommending the best colouring technique of lowlights or highlights to make your features pop, we have for you Singapore’s finest and most experienced team in blonde hair colouring and styling to transform you into a blonde beauty.


Whether you’re after gently sun kissed streaks, undetectable blonde highlights or a dramatic blonde hair update, our colour possibilities are endless. Vanilla blonde | Sandy Blonde | Blush Blonde | Rose Gold Blond | Brown with Blonde Highlights | You can rest assured your new hair colour from Expat Hair will leave you feeling really, really good about your hair.


A freehand hair colouring technique to lighten selected pieces of your hair giving you a more natural sun kissed look. Get the red carpet look with a curly blow dry finish.

Our expert hair colourists can place the balayage pieces to highlight your best features. This is very popular as it is low maintenance and grows out beautifully so you don’t get any obvious regrowth lines. Book in for a gloss treatment or toner in between colour appointments to keep your locks looking luxurious.


Retouching the root area to cover greys or lighten the natural hair. Rebalancing to the ends to create a glossy brighter effect.


Ammonia free semi permanent colour blends away the first signs of grey hair. It's also great for creating vibrant reds or gorgeous chocolate browns with a glossy finish, making your hair super shiny.


A global colour with a few highlights added to create a more natural effect. This technique is useful if you have grey hair that needs the roots covered but, by adding a few highlights, it also keeps the look modern and blended.


Root Shadow is a technique we use after highlights to add depth to the root area to soften the grow out process. Result: a lived in blonde look!


Bleaching is a method of lightening the color of your hair. Scalp bleaching involves applying the bleaching
product directly to your scalp as opposed to just your hair.

Bleaching the hair is great for a dramatic finish whether you want to go pink, purple or a beautiful ash tone.

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