Blonde Hair

Amazing Blonde Highlights and living in Singapore; some girls will tell you it just can’t be done ! But rest assured, there is one highly experienced salon in blonde hair colouring. The secret of Expat Hair Studio is definitely a secret no more.

Blondes are known for having the most fun, and with all of the amazing trends in blonde highlighting, it’s hard not to say it’s true. So if you are fed up with having to settle for a miserable shade of coppery gold, we have a colourist for you.

From picking the right shade of blonde to recommending the best colouring technique of lowlights or highlights to make your features pop, we have for you Singapore’s finest and most experienced team in blonde hair colouring and styling to transform you into a blonde beauty.

Whether you’re after gently sun kissed streaks, undetectable blonde highlights or a dramatic blonde hair update, our colour possibilities are endless. Vanilla blonde ! Sandy Blonde ! Blush Blonde ! Rose Gold Blond ! Brown with Blonde Highlights ! You can rest assured your new hair colour from Expat Hair will leave you feeling really, really good about your hair.

Sure, it may sound simple, but in our experience, quality blonde hair highlights are hard to come by. Our elite and highly experienced colourists from all corners of the globe give you that chance to express yourself and add that very special extra glow to your looks.

Our staff go out of their way to make your visit enjoyable and relaxing. They are great listeners and want to hear all of your hair concerns so that your new colour won’t compromise your hair condition. Our colourists train regularly and travel abroad to ensure their technique is on the cutting edge of today’s latest fashion looks.

So if you are looking for that new do or to maintain those golden locks, we specialise in all aspects of blonde hair highlights, balayage and Ombré to name but a few. Our number one goal is to produce amazing results with that perfect colour look that will not only thrill you, but leave you getting compliments on your hair all year round.